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Enterprise-Grade Communications Platform with Visual Flow Builder

IMIconnect enables rapid automation of multi-channel customer journeys.

The platform makes it easy for a business enterprise to interact with its customers around the world on multiple channels like SMS, Voice, Push, In-app, Facebook & other messaging apps and automates orchestration of these interactions with back-end systems.

A drag-and-drop flow builder allows you to build and launch flows that work across channels and systems. With its low-code toolset and high-performance run-time engine, IMIconnect enables developers, product managers, and architects to accelerate their digital transformation projects.

Channel Support

IMIconnect currently supports the following channels. This section provides links to the channel-wise flow nodes and messaging APIs.

Access to Links

To access the links in bold embedded between ##, you must stay logged in to the IMIconnect environment.


Enterprise-Grade Communications Platform with Visual Flow Builder

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