Webex Connect offers a range of APIs to enable businesses to send and receive communications across supported channels, manage profiles, and invoke rules or flows from external business systems. Here is a brief description:

Messaging API: Webex Connect’s Messaging API is a multi-channel communication API for outbound messaging across various channels. Messages can be sent to a single recipient or to multiple recipients in a single request. The features supported for each channel are different and are subject to channel-level capabilities.

Profile APIs: Webex Connect offers a set of APIs to enable businesses to set up and manage profiles of their customers. We provide two types of profile stores referred to as ‘Customer Profile’ and ‘Application Profile’ respectively.

  • Customer Profile APIs – Customer profile is used to store multiple channel identifiers and customer communication preferences for various customers.
  • Application Profile APIs – An application profile allows you to store all the details associated with a customer’s profile on a specific communication channel. E.g. Facebook Messenger profile of a customer can consist of details such as PSID, first name, last name, customer id, etc. Customer Identified is the link between the master profile and the application-specific profile.

Webex Connect provides create, get, update and delete APIs for both Customer Profile as well as Application Profile.

Event API: Event APIs can be used to invoke Webex Connect rules or flows from external business systems or applications.

Other APIs for Push and In-app Messaging

  • Topic APIs: Topics in push and in-app messaging context can be used to offer mobile app users the ability to subscribe to one of more notification categories (e.g. new arrivals, discounts, deal of the day, etc. within a fashion retail app) to get relevant proactive alerts. Webex Connect offers APIs to create topics, get the list of existing topics, subscribe/un-subscribe app-users to relevant topics, or delete existing topics.
  • Segment APIs: A segment in Webex Connect is logical grouping of topics formed by applying AND/OR/NOT operations. E.g. A segment in the context of a fashion retail app can be created by combining all mobile app users who have subscribed for new arrivals or discounts topics but not deal of the day topic. Webex Connect offers APIs to create, update, delete, and list segments, adding or removing users to an existing segment.
  • Thread APIs: A thread is used to stitch together all messages sent or received within a particular context within a mobile or web application. Webex Connect offers the ability to create, update, delete, and list threads to enable businesses to make one-way announcements or hold two-way conversations with their mobile/web app users.

The table below details the Webex Connect APIs.

Reference information for these APIs such as return codes and glossary definitions can be found here: