Apple Privacy Manifest

Apple is introducing a new privacy policy that requires the inclusion of privacy manifest file, named PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy, in all new and updated apps designed for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and visionOS platforms on the App Store. The privacy manifest file catalogs the kinds of data collected by your apps or any third-party SDKs, along with the rationale for utilizing specific categories of Required Reason APIs.

Apple offers guidelines on how to create privacy manifest.

Keep your privacy manifest files updated as your app evolves and as you integrate new third-party libraries. Regularly review and update the files to accurately represent your app's data usage practices.

With Xcode 15 or later versions, all the privacy manifests from an app and its third-party SDKs are automatically consolidated into a single privacy report. This report offers a comprehensive list of the 'Required Reason' APIs and serves as a valuable tool for developers to generate more precise Privacy Nutrition Labels.

Webex Connect iOS SDK Privacy Manifest

Required Reason APIs

Apple offers a list of 'Required Reason' APIs that could possibly be misused for user fingerprinting. However, the mere usage of these APIs does not necessarily imply that the app or third-party SDK is exploiting them for user tracking. Nevertheless, these APIs must be declared in the manifest, accompanied by a legitimate explanation for their usage.

The Webex Connect iOS SDK uses below APIs:

User DefaultsCA92.1 Access info from same app, per documentation.

Customers are responsible for conducting an audit of their app's API usage to determine if any restricted APIs are in use. If they are, the app must generate its own privacy manifest that outlines which APIs are being used and the reasons for their usage.

Privacy Nutrition Labels

Privacy Nutrition Labels enable users to gain a clearer understanding of the types of information that your app gathers.

Webex Connect SDK collects below Data:

User IDYesNoApp Functionality
Precise LocationYesNoApp Functionality
Product InteractionNoNoApp Functionality
Device IDNoNoApp Functionality

It is essential for customers to review their own implementation and confirm the data they are collecting. Additionally, they need to understand how this data is being utilized outside of Webex Connect SDK.


Webex Connect iOS SDK does not collect any data that falls under the protection of the App Tracking Transparency framework. As a result, the tracking status is marked as 'False’, and no tracking domains are listed in iOS SDK’s privacy manifest.

See Apple developer documentation for more details.