This is an abstract class that represents an InAppNotification View Binder. This class can represent a Banner or a Modal.


This method binds message to respective InApp Notification View Binder

Syntax: public abstract void bindMessage(ICMessage message)

Parameters: message - content of ICMessage


This Method is used to verify swipe to dismiss v Emoji value true or not

Syntax: public abstract boolean canSwipeToDismiss()

Returns: true if notification view can be dismissed on Swipe , false otherwise.


This method used get the root view from InAppNotificationViewBinder

Syntax: public View getRootView()

Returns: returns rootView from InApp NotificationView Binder


This method used get the content view from InApp NotificationView Binder

Syntax: public abstract android.view.View getContentView()

Returns: returns contentView from InApp NotificationView Binder


This method used to get InApp Notification callback

Syntax: public abstract ICInAppNotificationCallback getCallback()

Returns: return InAppNotification Callback


This method allows to register an object, which implements the ICInAppNotificationCallback to listen for Notification View display events, action events and dismiss events

Syntax: public void setCallback(ICInAppNotificationCallback callback)

callback - InAppNotification Callback


This method is used to set InApp Notification view style to InAppNotification View Binder

Syntax: public void setViewStyle(ICInAppNotificationViewStyle viewStyle)

Parameters: viewStyle - InApp Notification View Style