SDK Flavours

Webex Connect Core SDKs comes in two flavours - Standard and Lite. This page explains the difference between the two.

Standard SDKs provide access to our full suite of push and in-app messaging capabilities, whereas Lite is a cut down version that removes the device attribute monitoring capability but still contains everything required to support push and in-app messaging.

As the Lite flavour does not monitor attributes it will not be possible to use certain features during journey orchestration. For example, it will not be possible to trigger an outbound message when the user moves into/out of a geofence.


Push and In-App Feature Configurations

When you configure your mobile / web app assets from 'Assets -> Apps' section, you will see various feature toggles and config options such as 'Device Attributes for Mobile Apps', 'JWT Authorization', and more. You will need to enable the relevant features based on your requirement.

SDK Downloads

Both SDK flavours can be downloaded from the 'Tools -> SDK Downloads' section when logged into your Webex Connect tenant.

Feature Comparison

The following table shows which features are available within each flavour of the SDK to help you determine which may be best suited for your requirements.

Feature/MethodLite SDKStandard SDK
Push Notifications & In-App Messaging
Primary Transport ProtocolYes (Android, iOS)Yes (Android, iOS)
Secondary Transport ProtocolYes (Android, iOS)Yes (Android, iOS)
Use Secured PortYes (Android, iOS)Yes (Android, iOS)
Enable Payload EncryptionYes (Android, iOS)Yes (Android, iOS)
Device Attributes - Event-based Monitors
Idle ScreenNoYes (Android only)
Time ZoneNoYes
JWT Authorization
JWT Secret KeyYesYes


Platform Support

Lite and Standard flavours are applicable for Android and iOS. We do not offer a Lite flavour for JavaScript SDK.

App Permissions

The following table lists the permissions that you need to give for your app based on the features that you've selected from the above list:

PlatformSDK LiteSDK
READ_SMS (optional; for OTP validation)
RECEIVE_SMS (optional; for OTP validation)
READ_SMS (optional; for OTP validation)
RECEIVE_SMS (optional; for OTP validation)
READ_PHONE_STATE (optional; to capture IMSI and IMEI details)
GET_ACCOUNTS (optional; to monitor account attributes such as email)
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION (optional; to monitor the location and/or cell id changes)
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (optional; to monitor location changes to a fine degree of accuracy)
ACCESS_LOCATION (optional; to monitor location changes)
GET_BLUETOOTH_SUPPORT (optional; to capture Bluetooth support)