Overview of SDKs

The Webex Connect SDKs provide a framework on which to build rich in-app messaging and push notification experiences within mobile and web based applications.

Our Core SDK provides the capabilities required to register for and receive in-app messages and push notifications, monitor device attributes such as location, and trigger custom events.

Our UI SDK provides a suite of user interface components which can be used to build a message inbox and rich, bi-directional, chat experiences.

Core SDK

This table summarises the main features provided by the Core SDK, please explore our reference documentation for a complete view of all supported features.

Device registrationAllows a device to be registered with the Webex Connect platform, this is mandatory before other features may be used.
Attribute monitoringAllows a range of device attributes to be monitored and sent to the Webex Connect platform for use within customer journey orchestration.
Push notificationsAllows push notifications to be received and displayed. Push may contain simple text, imagery and interactions.
Live Chat / In-App messagingAllows live chat / in-app messages to be sent and received. Unlike push, the Core SDK only supports the transport of in-app messages, display must be handled through custom code or by leveraging the Webex Connect UI SDKs.
Topic subscriptionsAllows users to be subscribed or unsubscribed from topic based messaging.
Custom eventsAllows custom events to be sent to the Webex Connect platform for use within customer journey orchestration.

Technology / Platform support

NativeAndroid, iOSNative platform support for Android and iOS, for use with applications written with Kotlin, Java, Swift or Objective C.
CordovaAndroid, iOSOur Cordova plugin wraps the native SDKs to allow usage within Cordova applications.
JavascriptWebUsed for applications that run within a web browser. Please note that this cannot be used within frameworks that run in WebViews, such as Cordova.


This table summarises the main areas for which the UI SDK provides components, all components are extensible / customizable to varying degrees, please refer to the documentation reference for full details.

Composing messagesA pluggable composer UI component is provided for composing messages, including support for emoji and attachments.
ConversationVarious high to low level components for displaying a list of incoming and outgoing messages, including message bubbles, avatars, typing indicators and read/unread status.
Conversations listVarious high to low level components for displaying a list of conversations.
InboxA component for displaying a simple list of messages.