Apple Message for Business: Apple Pay & Authentication

Provides an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Messages for Business using Apple Pay. When a business asks for payment from a customer who is purchasing goods and services through Messages for Business, the customer can use Apple Pay to make the payment. Note: The following is an example of Authentication. Examples of other media types can be found below. Note: Modify YourRegion in the URL to the right to reflect your tenant’s region. See Know your endpoint page.

Apple Pay

	"deliverychannel": "AppleBusinessChat",
	"appid": "{{ambAppid}}",
	"destination": [{
		"abcUserId": ["{{abcUserId}}"]
	"channels": {
		"AppleBusinessChat": {
			"type": "interactive",
			"x_msg_seq": 1,
			"interactiveData": {
				"data": {
					"version": "1.0",
					"requestIdentifier": "21d4a1c4-327c-ba35-45b1-36a050b15ad2",
					"images": [{
							"identifier": "6de6a59c-846f-45d8-a1d7-24382d9919db",
							"url": ""

					"payment": {
						"paymentRequest": {
							"lineItems": [{
								"amount": "1.50",
								"type": "final",
								"label": "Adoption fee"
							"shippingMethods": [{
								"label": "shipping charges (Optional)",
								"amount": "8",
								"detail": "fast delivery (Optional)",
								"identifier": "b3062736-e911-42db-b7a2-b5c603805858"
							"requiredShippingContactFields": [
							"countryCode": "US",
							"requiredBillingContactFields": [
							"currencyCode": "USD",
							"total": {
								"amount": "3.0",
								"type": "final",
								"label": "Your Total"
				"useLiveLayout": true,
				"receivedMessage": {
					"title": "The best deals on new iPhones!"
				"replyMessage": {
					"title": "Reply Title"
	"correlationid": "",
	"callbackData": "",
	"notifyurl": ""
Parameter/ObjectParameter within the ObjectMandatoryDescription
delivery channelYesOptions: text, richlink, interactive
app idYesRich link object
destinationUnique user id for the recipient of the message on WhatsApp.
abcUserIdUnique user id
typeOptions: text, richlink, interactive
interactiveDataYesContains the list/Time Picker (Date Picker) and Quick Reply data
versionYesA string representing the version number of the message extension schema. Should be 1.0.
requestIdentifierYesA string that representing a unique identifier for the request. imiconnect returns the ID in the response it sends back to the client application
imagesYesAn array of image dictionaries
identifierYesAn identifier to identify the item.
urlYesPublicly accessible URL that is a direct link to the media
correlationidThe corrrelationid is a unique identifier that you can attach to every request as a reference a particular transaction or event. This is configured as a part of the request.
callbackDataData that you have configured to receive on the notify Url. This is configured as a part of the request.
notifyurlConfigure a URL to get notifications on delivery reports for a WhatsApp message. This field accepts only a valid URL or a variable. If an invalid URL is passed in an API request or via a variable, then such a request will not be considered eligible for retries.

Error Codes

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