Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Text to Speech?

Yes, we do support Text to Speech for playing voice messages/prompts. We have integrated with Azure for TTS.

How many different voices do you support? Do you have accents for UK, IE & HU?

Please refer this link for the list of voices that we support.

Do you support SSML?

Yes, we do support SSML within voice nodes such as Play Node, IVR Node, Collect Input, etc. Please refer nodes documentation for more details. However, we do not support SSML using voice APIs.

Do you support Answering Machine Detection?

Yes, we support Answering Machine Detection (AMD) for outbound calls. This feature can be configured from within Voice Node Group settings interface.


AMD is based on the audio from the recipient end after a call is connected. Webex Connect captures and analyzes the initial few seconds of audio to assess whether the call has been answered by a human or an answering machine. Given answering machine detection is based on audio patterns, the result is dependent on the audio quality, message length, etc. from the recipient end and hence the detection may not be accurate in some cases. Currently, we do not claim AMD support for custom voice messages and Google answering machine.

Usage of answering machine detection is subject to regulatory guidelines. E.g., in the UK, Ofcom provides detailed guidelines on when and how AMD can be used. Please refer to your regional guidelines on AMD to ensure compliance.