Get Message v2


Know Your Endpoint

Based on the domain you use to log in to imiconnect, the endpoint for your API varies. See the endpoint section to understand which endpoint to use for your domain.


API Access

This API is currently in beta and only available to select clients. Please reach out to your account manager for access.


  • messageId - Generated when you send message using API v2

Postman Collection

Here is a Postman collection to test our APIs.

Latest Collection: Run in Postman

Archived Collection: Refer Postman Collection

Download Postman from here




Messaging API v2 supports both "key" and JWT based authentication. The method of authentication can be selected under the API settings tab in a service.

If you are passing both JWT authentication and Service Key in an API request, the JWT authentication takes priority.


Generating the JWT Token

Connect uses a subset of the JWT fields, described here:

A string used in the header, identifying the algorithm used to encode the payload. The alg value is always HS256 when exchanging messages with Business Chat.

A claim that is a string identifying the principal that issued the JWT. The value is always the Service ID when exchanging messages with API V2.

A claim that is a numeric date—that is, an integer—identifying the time at which the JWT was issued. The value is the number of seconds from 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z UTC until the specified UTC date and time, ignoring leap seconds. For more information, see the Terminology section in RFC 7519.

A Service Secret that is a Base64-encoded string. Decode the string before using the key to sign the JWT

A decoded JWT token should contain the following -

  "alg": HS256,
  "iss": <Service ID>,
  "iat": <issued at unix-timestamp (in seconds)>