Get Customer Profile

This API is used to retrieve the profile of a single customer or multiple customers.


Know Your Endpoint

Based on the domain you use to log in to imiconnect, the endpoint for your API varies. See the endpoint section to understand which endpoint to use for your domain.

Response Parameters
StatusNumberZero indicates success response
DescriptionStringDescribes the status of the API call
RecordsArrayAn array of Outward links and Inward links
Record[].AttributesArrayOutward links and Inward links
Attributes[].NameStringName of the column. For example, CustomerId -Column Name
Attributes[].ValueStringValue Contained with in the column Eg: CustomerId- 1234
Attributes[].IDNumberSystem generated unique Id for the column
InwardLinksArrayShows app profiles mapped to the Customer Id
OutwardLinksArrayDisplays customer profile information on Get app profile call
codeStringInternal code handling by imiconnect
transidStringUnique system generated id for API call

Status Codes

This API may return the following response codes:

Response CodeMessageDescription
1000SuccessReturned when the request is completed successfully
7000Invalid JSONReturned when an invalid JSON request is sent
7001Authentication failedReturned when the invalid service key or profile key is provided in the request
7003Mandatory parameters missingReturned when the mandatory parameters configured in custom event are missing