Get Voice Call Status

Response Parameters

clientIdThe ID of the client (the ID of the tenant in the backend)
toType msisdn - Indicates that an outbound call
customer id - Indicates that an outbound call is made to the mobile number associated with the customer id
requestTimestampThe date and time stamp in ISO8601 format at which the request is submitted
groupIdThe ID of the group to which the user belongs to
channelVoice for all the voice APIs
messageIdThe unique message id for the transaction on which you are querying the call status
descriptionThe description of the status of the API request
requestedReceiptsEvents for which the user will receive notifications. The events are:
Offered: when imiconnect platform offers a call to the network to place a call
Accepted: when the network accepts the call offered by imiconnect and places to end-customer
Answered: when the end-customer answers the call
Dropped: when the call is dropped because of an internal technical error
Rejected: when the call gets rejected; it can be due to various reasons like network failure, the customer is busy, rejected by the customer, etc.
Released: when the call is ended by the platform
Disconnected: when the end-customer disconnects the call
Trombone Connected: when the imiconnect platform sends an outbound call to the customer and the customer asks to talk to an agent. The Trombone Connect event occurs when both parties A (end-customer) and B (agent) are connected.
Trombone Released: when the party B (agent) exits the call
Message Expired: when the call request comes in after the configured expiry time, the request expires.
priorityIndicates the call priority:
* 3-high
versionThe version of the messaging API using which the API request is made. 2.0 in this case.
callbackDataData to be sent to the notification Url
notifyUrlThe URL at which you want imiconnect Platform to notify about the callback data and the receipts
fromThe number from which the outbound call is initiated
correlationIdThe same correlation ID that was used in the call request
toThe set of numbers to which the call is initiated
directionSpecifies if the call is an outbound call or an inbound call
statusThe status of the call:
Initiated - the call is initiated with the specified mobile numbers
Ringing - the call is in ringing state and is not answered yet
In-progress - the call is in progress with the specified mobile numbers and is not yet ended
Completed - the call is completed successfully
Busy - the user's phone is busy and has not answered the call
No-answer - the call is initiated from imiconnect but the user has not answered
Canceled - the user has rejected the call
Failed - the call failed abruptly
Error Codes
Error CodeDescription
7401No answer
7402Customer busy
7407Call Offered
7408Call Accepted
7409Call Dropped
7411Trombone Connected
7412Trombone Released
7208Message expired