Numbers FAQs

Why do I have to provide my address while purchasing numbers in certain countries?

As per the regulations in certain countries, it is mandatory to provide the buyer’s address while purchasing a phone number. The address may be disclosed to the service providers of the numbers upon request.

You can edit and update your address under 'Profile Settings'.

Re-purchasing: Can I purchase the same number after I have released it?

Re-purchase of a number is subject to availability. You can buy the same number after you have released it as long as it is not purchased by others.

When you place a query to buy numbers, you will see a pool of available numbers. You can directly make the purchase if its a part of the available pool.

If not, please reach out to Webex Connect support team. We will try to acquire the number for you.

Can I use a number in more than one service?

You can use a phone number in more than one service only when the number is dedicated (i.e. owned by you) and is used to send and receive only SMS.

A number that's already in use for SMS or voice in any service, cannot be used for voice in any other service.

A shared number cannot be used in more than one service even to send and receive SMS.

How long does it take to get my verified Sender Form for TFNs approved in the United States or Canada?

The time taken for number provisioning may vary by region based on the operator requirements.
For example, in the US, TFNs may take 2 weeks, and long codes take about 2 days, based on review and registration requirements.
The current processing time for a verified sender form for TFN to be vetted and approved is estimated at 15 business days.
The Cisco code management communicates the approval via email and updates all the labels indicating that your Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) are cleared to send messages.

How long does it take to get a shortcode in the United States?

Shortcodes can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks for procurement.