Rate Limits for Messaging APIs, Event API, and Inbound Webhook

Webex Connect is used by a large number of users to automate millions of customer interactions every day. We implement certain limits on the number of requests that can be made to various Webex Connect APIs to provide you with a reliable and scalable experience that you can rely on.

There is a limit to the maximum number of requests you can make within a second to the following APIs and Webhooks:

Messaging API - A single rate limit applies to the usage of messaging API v1 and v2. E.g., if the Messaging API rate limit configured for your account is 20 per second, you can make 20 API calls per second to Messaging API v1, or you can make 20 API calls per second to Messaging API v2, or 10 API calls per second to each of Messaging API v1 and v2.

Custom Event API and Inbound Webhook - A separate but shared rate limit applies to the usage of custom event API v1 and inbound webhook.

Profile API - Profile API has a separate rate limit.

When Webex Connect receives API calls or inbound webhook requests from your applications, these requests are queued for processing until the rate of request is within the configured rate limit. If you exceed the rate limit, the requests are rejected with 7020 i.e. 'You have reached maximum transaction limit' error code.

These limits are applied at a tenant level.

How can I increase the Rate Limits for my account

The limits are configurable and can be increased based on your requirements. Please get in touch with your account manager in case you want to increase the API rate limits.