Create Customer Profile

This API is used create a customer's profile.


Know Your Endpoint

Based on the domain you use to log in to imiconnect, the endpoint for your API varies. See the endpoint section to understand which endpoint to use for your domain.

Status Codes

This API may return the following response codes:

Response CodeMessageDescription
1000QueuedReturned when the request is queued.
7000invalid JSONReturned when an invalid JSON request is sent.
7001Authentication failedReturned when an invalid service key or profile key is provided in the request.
7002Service Key MissingReturned when the parameter key is missing in the message request.
7003Mandatory parameters missingClick here
7006Internal error occurredReturned when an internal error occurs in imiconnect.
7010Source IP is not in the allowed listReturned when a request is sent from an IP that is not in the allowed list in Webex Connect.
7011Invalid Attribute ValueReturned when an invalid value is provided for the customer or app profile Attributes object.
7012Batch size limit(100) exceededReturned when an API request exceeds the limit to create or update or delete using profile API.
7015customer already existsReturned when a customer or app profile already exists.