This page will help you get started with SMS API.

Webex Connect SMS Channel API is a RESTful API that allows you to send proactive outbound messages and/or respond to incoming customer messages across SMS channel supported by the platform.
Channels covered by the SMS API are:

  • SMS
  • Batching Requests

You can send a message to a single recipient or to multiple recipients by making a single API call. If you want to send messages to multiple recipients at once you would need to provide the list of recipients in the destination array while making the API call.

You can send batch messages on multiple channels with a single API request. For example, a bank can send a personalized greeting message to its customers using the delivery channel as SMS. Using batch message API requests, you can send messages to up to 1000 destinations (subject to your TPS limits).

E.g., if your SMS API TPS configuration is 10 you can send messages to up to 10 destinations at once.


Following are the prerequisites to send and receive messages using SMS API:

  • Login credentials to access Webex Connect
  • Authentication Credentials
  • Either a Service Key or JSON Web Tokens (JWT) must be passed with every API request. For more details visit the API Authentication section.