Sandbox APIs Overview

The Webex Connect developer sandbox is a pre-configured environment in which you can prototype applications with channels such as SMS, voice and WhatsApp. It is designed to allow enterprise developers to try the APIs, SDKs and our advanced CPaaS capabilities such as flow builder, debugging tools and analytics.

Here's a brief overview of the APIs that are available within Webex Connect sandbox:


API Availability Differences between Sandbox Mode and Full Platform Mode

  • Please note that communication API access in Sandbox is limited to SMS, Voice, and WhatsApp APIs.
  • The endpoint for each of the channels are separate, and some of these APIs are available only in Sandbox mode at the moment.
  • Custom Event API, and Inbound Webhooks are available in Sandbox mode.
  • Other APIs such as Profile API, Thread APIs, Segment APIs, and Topic APIs are not available in the Sandbox mode.

API Endpoints for Sandbox

Sandbox API Type

API Capability



Send an SMS message

Retrieve the status of a send SMS message request


Place a new call, play an audio and disconnect i.e. play and drop

Place a new call to a telephone number

Retrieve the status of an individual call

Retrieve information on any recordings taken during a call


Send a WhatsApp message

Retrieve the status of a WhatsApp message

Custom Event

Invoking or resuming an Webex Connect flow by making an API call with a fixed pre-configured payload of key-value pairs.

Inbound Webhooks

Invoking or resuming an Webex Connect flow by making an API call with a flexible JSON/XML payload.

Signing Up for Webex Connect Sandbox

If you're an enterprise developer who wants to explore Webex Connect APIs, SDKs, and capabilities before subscribing to the enterprise platform license can sign-up for a sandbox account here.