Google Business Messages

Is Google Business Messages available for all tenants?

No, it is not available for all tenants as it is a Beta feature. It is only available on request and the feature must be enabled for a given tenant.

What is the TPS supported?

Currently Webex Connect supports 100 TPS, however, there is a TPS control of 10 TPS per conversation (proxy for user) level. Overall, TPS is subject to client’s subscription tier and contract.

Does Google Business Messages expect to a have an agent leg for escalating conversations from bots to human agents?

Google Business Messages doesn’t mandate that an agent leg be deployed for escalating conversations from bots to human agents, however, It is advisable to have the human agent handover as well to handle the customer interactions more efficiently.

How many onboarding paths are available for Google Business Messages?

The onboarding path is:

  • Via Client’s own Google Business Messages account

What is the eligibility criteria to onboard an agent on Google Business Messages?

The business for which an agent is being created should be listed on Google Maps, if the entry point is location-based. A website and an email ID with the same domain as the website is mandatory for successfully verifying and launching an agent.