Custom Event v1

This API allows third party/external applications to make event requests using a RESTful API over HTTPS to the Webex Connect platform.


Know Your Endpoint

Based on the domain you use to log in to Webex Connect, the endpoint for your API varies. See the endpoint section to understand which endpoint to use for your domain.



Event Linking

An event must be linked to a rule or flow within a service for it to perform an action on Webex Connect.

Events can be created from under the integrations or directly from the flow start node.

Body Parameters

The following table describes the elements in the request body:

expiryStringNoExpiry time is in UTC format, after which no action is taken. For example,

"expiry":"2015-04-12T18:51:19.000Z" //expiry time in utc format
notifyurlStringNoSpecifies a URL that receives notifications. This URL overrides the service's Notify URL. For example,

eventsArray of StringsYesSpecifies the events in an array. The parameters are:
evtid: Mandatory {String} - Specifies the event id that is generated by imiconnect.
correlationid: Optional {String} - Specifies a unique transaction ID up to 50 bytes used by service providers to match requests with responses.
* parameters: Optional {JSONObject} - Specifies the parameters block that may contain multiple name/value pairs if required to pass additional information to the event/trigger handler.

For example,




If a mandatory parameter is missing, then the API will execute with default values. If the default values are not defined then the API request will be rejected.
If an optional parameter is missing, then the API will execute with default values. The API request is accepted even if the default values are not defined.

Response Codes

Webex Connect Event API is an asynchronous API. When you make an Event API call, Webex Connect returns an immediate response code and description to confirm whether your request has been successfully queued or not. Here's the list of various response codes with their description.

Response CodeMessageDescription
1002QueuedReturned when the request is accepted by Webex Connect.
7000Invalid JSONReturned when an invalid JSON request is sent.
7001Authentication failedReturned when an invalid service key or invalid JWT token is provided in the request.
7002Service Key MissingService key is missing in the inbound webhook request.
7003Mandatory parameter 'events' missingMandatory parameter 'events' missing in the Event API request
7004This code may return different error descriptions depending on the request data. Examples include:

- Invalid parameters/values
- invalid value for param evtid
- 'events' array shouldn't be empty
Returns when any invalid value is given for any parameter in request body.
7005Internal error occurredReturned when there is an issue with imiconnect.
7010Source IP is not allowlistedReturned when the API request is received from an IP that has not been added to the IP allow list
7019Request expiredReturned when the value of the expiry parameter contains a time value that occurred in the past
7020You have reached maximum transaction limitReturned when you have reached the transaction limit.
7025Mandatory custom parameters missingReturns when any mandatory custom event parameter is missing, where these custom parameters are created in custom event creation screen.