Topics in Webex Connect are meant for broadcasting messages to your app users on in-app and push messaging channels. Topics are typically used to categorize and collate the app user preferences and interests. These can be direct customer opt-ins or based on customer behavior over time. The topics are unique for an appid on Webex Connect and are categorized into multiple groups. The SDK and API endpoints can be used for managing topics of a particular appid and/or a particular app user.

A topic should be used as the destination in the messaging API request to broadcast messages to all the subscribed app users. The destination can be a single topic id or a conditional expression of multiple topic ids. The available operators are UNION or OR (use ||), INTERSECTION or AND ( use & ), COMPLEMENT or NOT (use ' ) and DIFFERENCE or MINUS (use - ).


JWT Authentication

Webex Connect allows using JWT Authentication for the Thread APIs, Segment APIs, and Topic APIs. Please reach out to the support team to enable the JWT Authentication.

Postman Collection

Here is a Postman collection to test our APIs. Make sure you change the key in the header to your service key.

Latest Collection: Run in Postman

Archived Collection:Refer Postman Collection

Download Postman from here

The following are the APIs in this section:

Error Codes

DescriptionError code
Internal error while processing the request1
Topic already exists2
Required attributes missing3
Invalid request4
Appid/Topic does not exist5
UserId does not exist7
Secret key is missing in header11
AppId is required14
Secretkey is invalid26
Stream not found for given appId and userId31