Apple Messages for Business

Types of AMB Messages Supported

Here's a list of Apple Message for Business message types supported by Webex Connect. Click the hyperlinks below to see the API documentation for each of these.

A plain text message that businesses can send to their customers.

Used to let the customer whether the business agent started or ended typing.

A text message with unicode object replacement character (\uFFFC) at the text position where the attachment should appear in the message text.

Rich link messages contain an inline image or video as a preview of the hyperlink that business sends to customer

Allows the customer to choose from a list of items. A list picker displays a list of items, and information about the items-such as product name, description, and image—in the Messages app on the customer's device. The customer can choose one or more items from the list to send with a reply.

Allows the customer to schedule an appointment.The customer can also get directions to the location or add the event to their calendar by tapping Get Directions or Add to Calendar.

Provides an easy and secure way for customers to buy goods and services through Messages for Business using Apple Pay. When a business asks for payment from a customer who is purchasing goods and services through Messages for Business, the customer can use Apple Pay to make the payment.

Provides a simple way for the user to make an inline choice with a single tap during an ongoing conversation. You can have between two and five customizable choices, and the user can select only a single item.

Messages for Business Forms allow you to create rich, multipage interactive flows for users on iOS and iPadOS devices

Provides a unique user experience with custom interactive messages.